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Best practices

Method: Coordination and facilitation of international knowledge networks

Requirement: A huge international insurance concern employs many specialists who work on similar challenges in different locations. So they cannot meet each other occasionally by a coffee machine and exchange their knowledge informally. A way is needed to foster informal knowledge transfer.

Solution: There was a basic network structure created consisting of country representatives. Several meetings of specialists are held every year. Topics for the meetings of specialists are decided yearly by the country representatives based on feedback from the network.

Country representatives invite experts from their branch/company to these expert meetings. These expert meetings are facilitated by an network specialist. This way obstacle to knowledge exchange which might arise from different language levels and different basic assumptions in the different countries can be overcome and the process is speeded up. The facilitation method developed by Ms Alder showed to be very successful during these meetings.

Result: The teambuilding during the meetings is very effective, Best practices are exchanged there. The developed personal relations serve as "knowledge highways" on which the demands for information run all over Europe. The yearly results summary shows an economic gain from this method.