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Consulting and support for Change projects

Globalization, crisis, cost pressure, new markets etc. It is clear the number of change projects will increase.

Companies have to re act or even better act before reaction is needed. There exist many reasons why also your company or your organizations should start a change.

Depending on the reason for change there will be different actions needed: cost reduction, re organization, implementation of new software or even a complete change which also involves organizational culture and structure.

Success often depends on flexibility and speed. To lead these changes project leaders have to develop skills and knowledge for change.

To throw the Change project leaders into cold water costs time and money.

In most cases managers or experienced project managers are nominated to lead change projects. Even though they have high motivation and knowledge about the business very often they do not have knowledge and skills which are necessary for setting up change processes; often leading to frustration, project failures and project leaders with burn out syndrome. Valuable resources are lost.
And it all could work out so different with a bit of support.........

Effective support for Change projects is not a miracle.

At the start of the project the project leader - or even better the whole team - should learn about

  • different ways how change processes can be designed
  • patterns of change processes
  • typical reactions of people to change
  • own reaction to change

During the project the project leader has to garantee a regular evaluation of the project and of his/her own situation. In change projects small things can have big impacts.

Support for Change projects should contain at least:

  • an initial workshop for project team
  • regular coaching for the project leader

What does your coach for change projects bring?

  • Additionally to the normal abilities of a coach the Change-coach has own experiences as a leader of change projects and theoretical knowledge. He/She understands what is meant in economical context relation and is aware of IT problems.
  • The coach supports you to handle and use the diversity in your team.
  • He/She helps you to get acquainted with the basic patterns of change processes.
  • He/she supports you to find and use opportunities in change situations and helps you be aware of a healthy work life balance.

We provide change support for you.

Feel free to use our offer to meet and discuss your needs. Together we will design an effective and cost-efficient way to support change projects and their leaders in your company.

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