ESCME Grundtvig Partnership

Educating Supervisors and Coaches for Multicultural Europe

The partners from Austria, Bulgaria, Estonia, and the Czech and Slovak Republics are happy and satisfied that they have reached the goals of the Grundtvig Learning Partnership, which is officially ending by 31st of July 2011.

We definitely will continue working together in one way or another - the learning journey goes on.

The booklet - which is one of the results of the partnership - is meant to support all supervisors, coaches, consultants and trainers who want to join us on this learning journey.




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The objectives

of this partnership are to educate supervisors and coaches for multicultural Europe by

  • developing an advanced training, "multicultural supervision and coaching", and
  • including intercultural awareness in existing education for supervisors and coaches.

In this training

  • the cultural awareness and multicultural competencies of the supervisors, coaches and students taking part will be developed further
  • the participants will be enabled to support development of the cultural awareness and inter-/multicultural competencies of their clients.

In that way, participants will develop competencies and skills for the supervision and coaching of

  • multicultural teams
  • clients of another culture than their own (especially immigrants)
  • clients working abroad (expatriates)
  • international companies and organizations

For the Bulgarian partner, this partnership offers the possibility to learn about supervision and coaching, gathering experience and know-how and to consider the possibilities for these methods in Bulgarian schools.

Why do we think it is necessary to include cultural awareness in the education of supervisors and coaches?

The work of Coaches and Supervisors has to be seen in a broader context. Their work influences the well-being and the success of their clients. Coaches and Supervisors work in the social sector as well as in companies and organizations. Due to migration processes and globalization, these supervisors and coaches are confronted with the increasingly multicultural world of their clients. In this new Europe, the cultural awareness by supervisors and coaches is needed in order to assist clients in reflecting on their work situation and finding better solutions. That holds true for all kinds of clients, from managers of large international organizations to assistant nurses in nursing homes and hospitals.

The tool set of supervisors and coaches should be tested and adapted, and new methods included, in order to help them support their clients in this new multicultural Europe.

Reflection on working conditions and the sense and meaning of work in different cultures and European member states can play an important role in improving mutual understanding and quality of cooperation.

This brings all partners to the conclusion that cultural awareness has to be included in the education of supervisors and coaches.

How will we do that?

The core team - consisting of one or two persons per partner - will drive development of this training program.

Five Workshops will be held in different countries to gather experience and know-how for the design of this advanced training.

1. Start Up for CooperationSLOVAKIA28.-31.10. 2009
2. WorkshopBULGARIA16.-19. 4. 2010
3. WorkshopESTONIA26.-29. 6. 2010
4. WorkshopCZECH REPUBLIC29.10.-1. 11. 2010 *
5. FinalizingSLOVAKIA19.-23. 2. 2011
6. Advanced Training-SeminarAUSTRIA27.-31. 5. 2011 **

* Updated 23.12.2009 ** Updated 3.3.2011

The advanced training seminar "Multicultural supervision and coaching" will be designed based on outputs from the workshops by experienced supervisors taking part on this partnership. The advanced training seminar will take place in Vienna (in May 2011)

During the workshops, multicultural groups will:

  • exchange experiences and known methods and theories
  • test and reflect on methods, tools and interventions
  • gather and reflect on their own experiences with other cultures


Contact: DI Elisabeth Alder, INC Training & Consulting, s.r.o.
Language: English
Web site: http://www.escme.eu/


This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.