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Moderation & coordination of international knowledge networks

Knowledge networks

Knowledge networks foster exchange and creation of knowledge. They can grow organically in companies like plants in the garden. But knowledge networks in international companies have little chance to grow without support. In international companies specialists who are based in different locations often do not have the chance to meet informally. The possibility for getting to know each other and building trust has to be created.

An experienced network facilitator and coach can support you to build, develop and use your network
to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your company.

Knowledge networks give room for

  • discussion and exchange of experiences - best / worst practices,
  • creating together new and better solutions
  • developing the climate for the success of international projects.

Creation and coordination

  • There is no general solution for implementing and managing a knowledge network.
  • The basis for each knowledge network is communication.
  • Each company needs its own strategy and project plan to create a communication structure for its knowledge network.
  • But what is needed for all these projects is an internal team, which will provide in future the support for the network.

For the success of your knowledge network we offer

  • Consultation for creating your knowledge network e.g. project development, initial workshop and coaching for the support team
  • Facilitation of network meetings.
    For these meetings it is essential to create a climate in which the knowledge will be exchanged. That needs the development of a common culture based on trust.

Services are available in English or German