Culture Training for Companies and Organizations

| 30. 03. 2012 |


Intercultural World

This general training on culture awareness helps the participants to develop

  • a general understanding of culture

  • strategies to improve their ways to act and communicate in an intercultural context.

Duration: 2 days

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Why is this offer important for
you and your company?

Problems in communication can cost you thousands of euros. Customers, who feel misunderstood, misinformed or badly served, are easily lost. Processes may slow down simply because information and priorities are not passed on in a way that the opposite party can understand, or because hidden conflicts obstruct progress. Ambitious employees who feel they receive too little attention from their managers become de-motivated, and they might lose their drive or even leave the company.

And if these employees, partners, managers and customers all come from different countries, these traps become even bigger. Everyone expects everyone else to think, act and feel in a "normal" way. But what people describe as "normal" can differ from person to person and from country to country in surprising ways.