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Conference on Listening in various psychotherapeutic and coaching approaches

| 03. 02. 2011 |


Presenting ESCME at the Conference "Listening in various psychotherapeutic and coaching approaches" organized by Coaching Plus and Facultas Evanjelica Theologica UK in Bratislava on the December 6th 2010 . Contribution "Listening behind the veil of words" was based on the experiences from the meeting in Veliko Tarnovo.

Title of the presentation: Listening behind the veil of words

Purpose of the presentation
Working internationaly for many years I gathered experience in working with groups without understanding their language. Since 2009 I am a member in the Grundtvigpartnership ESCME (Educating Supervisors and Coaches for Multicultural Europe). I would like to share some experiences and some basic theory.

Goals of the presentation
There are two messages I would like to bring

  • not to understand the words is sometimes better for understanding what's going on
  • to develop your mirror neurons might be more important for coaching than learning any techniques

I would like the participants of the conference to be courious and motivated to experience himself/herself similar situations and go deeper into theory

Question for audience
How could these ideas be used for education and work of coaches?